Julie Blake and Jean Banner Iver Heath, England
09-01-2017 - Iver, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre.
I agree with you when you say The Show Must Go On, but it doesn't make it any easier does it the loss of family and friends who you love dearly, like dear Ruud. He was such a character and with his fun and beautiful playing which will be missed, but will stay forever in our hearts forever. I have played Clarinet since i was 11 and Saxophone since i was 16 and there is nothing like Music to be a great healer and help you through the bad times. Whether playing it or listening to it. My Mum Jean is a Nat King Cole Fan and would love you to compose When I Fall In Love. Take care love to you, your family and all the JSO. See you on 6th March.

elly klomp
09-01-2017 - Drunen, Netherlands

we hebben zaterdag 7 jan erg genoten van jullie concert in
.de ziggo dome in amsterdam
wij gaan ook voor de volgende 100jaar .
veel succes dit jaar .

Vivienne Pratt
09-01-2017 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre
Thank you so much for the beautiful AMSTERDAM NEWSPHOTOS. I must admit to a few tears as the reports started to come in telling me of the magic time my friends enjoyed with you in the giant Ziggo Dome. The lovely pictures I have seen have shown me how happy you all were to be back on your beloved buhne with a renewed zest and vitality. It was a joy to see and its 'music to my ears' Andre to hear you say that this New Year in Amsterdam is the beginning of a long tradition playing the first concert of the year in Amsterdam! I'm positive dear Ruud will have been with you too twinkling above 'shining a light' of love and encouragement. Thank you also dear Andre for your 'Happy New Year' wishes which I return to you a millionfold! Bless you Andre. Love and respect always Viv xx

Kirsten Esbensen
09-01-2017 - Soenderborg, Denmark

Dear Andre and the JSO
Thank you so much for a fantastic concert in the Ziggo Dome.
Also thank you for thanking "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" in the program.
A very happy new year to all of you.
Best regards
Kirsten & Torben

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
09-01-2017 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre it's grey an raining but the birds still come an lighten my heart along with your beautiful music. La Vie Est Belle is lifting my spirits an giving me strength for the day ahead in a couple of hours I must go to the hospital to sit with my friend helping to care for him an hopefully aid his recovery. For so many years 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas has had the pleasure an support of your wonderful music I can't envisage a day without it. When the sun shines you make the day even brighter an vibrant, when it rains you chase away the clouds bringing rainbows an sparkles to the sky, when there's illness troubles an sadness you give courage,strength an hope turning to smiles an gladness. Your Music heals an rejuvenates Andre.Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Francesca Franzoni Italia
09-01-2017 - Parma, Italy

Buongiorno Maestro,
ho visto le fotografie del concerto di Amsterdam!! Bellissime. Forse sarebbe ora di aggiungere qualche nuovo video .....magari con la bella sorpresa di Lei che dice che viene in prego non è facile spostarsi per tutti.........l'Italia la ama e l'aspetta o almeno metta un video di saluto ai fans italiani.............grazie.
Carissimi saluti e grazie per la Sua musica!!

Catherine Gaughy
08-01-2017 - Chesterfield , United Kingdom

Dear Andre, so sorry to hear the devastating news of Ruud, RIP and sincere condolences to you and his family . I find you and your amazing family of talented people great comfort to me. My father at the age of 70 suffered a massive stroke in August 2015 which has left him bedridden to this day. He loves listening to your wonderful music and watching the amazing shows you all put on and now has a large collection on DVD. I wish I could of taken him to one of your concerts but unfortunately this will never be possible. Maybe in years to come I will be strong enough to attend such a splendid event without sobbing all the way through! . You are in Nottingham on 23rd March 2017 and I shall be thinking of you there. Love to you all xx

beejay, Nottingham
08-01-2017 - NOTTINGHAM, United Kingdom

Andre and the JSO, heartwarming to see the images of your first concert of 2017. As you say, the show must go on,but this must have been a difficult one for you all. When you return to the UK your fans will give you a warm welcome which we hope will lift your hearts. Ruud will NEVER be forgotten, living on in our hearts and in your music. We hope this will be of comfort to Lin and family. Looking forward to seeing you all in Nottingham.

Carmela Catinian
08-01-2017 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,
I couldn't even breath propetly until I saw you on stage again in Ziggo Dome.I know you now see everything from a different perspective including the meaning of life itself,because despite your optimism and being a never-give up-like person,you had to face the fact that life is so fragile and breakable and the human being is so very vulnerable.The most important thing is that,above all,you've found the inner power to overcome the collective tragedy and move on.It's admirable and really touching and all of you deserve our best.Thank you all for keeping on making our favourite music,so may your soul regain that kind of joy and wellness to share back with us. THANK YOU!

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
08-01-2017 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Afternoon Dearest Andre it's quite mild at 9c the gardens wildlife is busy as usual an 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas takes her tea listening to the beautiful music from your Romantic Paradise Cd being slowly lulled to sleep by its enchanting wonder. Soon I go to my bed I was up the whole night supporting an comforting my dear friend so very sick, I just return from the hospital where he's resting better under medication. For most of the time I quietly played your music which soothed his pain an gave support to both of us, your music has a hidden cure reaching deep into the mind an body, he's slowly improving! Every year for 6 yrs I've attended your Brussels Concerts I'm so going to miss being with you but my heart will be there every moment. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Lynda Goodman, Motherwell, Scotland
08-01-2017 - NORTH LANARKSHIRE, United Kingdom

Hi, dear Andre & JSO,
My thoughts were with you all last night as you did your first concert in Amsterdam without your dear friend and fellow musician, Ruud. Although it must have been difficult to perform in your usual joyful manner that is exactly what Ruud would have wanted you to do.
I wish you safe travels through Germany on your hectic tour.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Glasgow in March.
God bless and take care
Love, Lynda

groet Jannie en Jan van Gils
08-01-2017 - Barendrecht, Netherlands

Goede middag

Wij zijn nog aan het nagenieten van het Nieuwjaars concert in de Ziggo dome.
Het was voor ons de eerste keer dat we naar andre rieu geweest zijn en het was geweldig.
Op naar de volgende keer.

Nathalie Dijkstra, Enschede
08-01-2017 - Enschede, Netherlands

Goedemorgen meneer Rieu en andere orkestleden.

Het zal gisteravond ongetwijfeld een fantastische avond zijn geweest in de ziggodome. Ook wij hadden tickets gekregen van onze dochter en schoonzoon op "top plaatsen" hoorden wij naderhand. Wij konden namelijk helaas zelf niet komen, omdat mijn vader is overleden. Daarom hebben wij de tickets via marktplaats gratis weggegeven aan mensen die reageerden uit Purmarend.
Hebben in iedergeval twee anderen een fantastische avond gehad! In de toekomst hopen wij zeker nog een concert van u te bezoeken, want daar hadden wij ons lang op verheugd. Met vriendelijke groet, Nathalie

Anne Wozniak
08-01-2017 - Fish Hoek, South-Africa

Dearest Andre,
Here I am, back in Australia on the last leg of my journey before returning to South Africa. Such a lot has happened since your two concerts in October and November. The joys of being with family and the sadness of leaving. I am grateful for the memories you, your orchestra and your music have left with us all in this part of the world. Your 2017 calendar was waiting for me when I arrived back in Sydney along with your book My Music, My Life written by your wife Marjorie. It will be my companion on the long flight back to Cape Town. I wish you all a very happy and fulfilling 2017 and hope it is not too long before you visit South Africa again.
Love always Anne xx

mary kearney ballina nsw australia
08-01-2017 - Ballina nsw , Australia

hey andre and all jso just watched your first concert at lodz it was just wonderful thankyou all . we love you all .

08-01-2017 - Mersin 10, Turkey

Hello dear Andre Rieu and johann strauss orchestra,

Could you please give a concert in Istanbul or Ankara as well? Please please please :( You have so many fans out here I cant tell. I bought a ticket for your concert last year and I have been dreaming it for years and then the concert was cancelled due to unlucky events in Turkey. Please do come back again and make my dream come true!!!!


Jan Charles
07-01-2017 - Algorfa, Spain

When are you going to do a Concert in Spain. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Carmela Catinian
07-01-2017 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,
Tonight it's the time.I'm stuck in 'Christmas in London',which starts with the Skater waltz and with Ruud'shaking his head for the viewers' delight.It's going to be tough and I am very nervous for I can't watch you at the moment of impact with the audience as if I could help somehow.Maybe,just maybe,if you share any kind of emotion you feel now,this will help your soul get better and regain the joy of being on the stage again.You said once that a waltz is complex,it blends together joy and sorrow,hope and sadness,because life is like that,so it's time you all started to get cured through music and our entire support and appreciation in both mind and heart.We are there for you keeping Ruud in our memories forever as an inseparable part of your musical family.Break a leg!

Axel Kleinsteuber
07-01-2017 - Mafra, Portugal

Mr. André de Rieu,

You have many fans in Portugal, when do you offer us a concert in Portugal?

Best Regards,

Wayne lee from beijing
07-01-2017 - Beijing, China, People's Republic of

So sad to hear the bad news about Rudd, my thoughts are with his wife and family.

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